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A unique exploration and comprehensive one day assembly
for information and data professionals

One Day Assembly and Six Post-Forum Workshops
Hear From SIX Data Quality Award Winners

We all know that with-out verified and accurate data, our information and intelligence analysis becomes an almost futile effort. People are discovering that they need to look back to discover what they can do with data in the future.

For the first time in Australia, we are excited to be bringing back our past award winners, who will be sharing with us where their award winning data quality projects have grown and how. Also, they will be sharing their secrets on what took them there.

Take an interactive one day journey with:

* C. Lwanga Yonke, Information Quality Practitioner
(Large US Energy Company) and International Association for Information & Data Quality (IAIDQ) – USA

* Joy Medved, Paradata Consulting – USA

* Telstra – 2014 Enterprise Wide Award Winner and 2011 Finalist

* ANZ Bank(formerly of NEHTA) – 2010 DQ Asia Pacific Finalist

* ACT Health – 2011 DQ Asia Pacific Award Winner

* Mater Health Services – 2014 DQ Asia Pacific Award Winner

* The University of Queensland & Deputy Chair, National Committee on
Information and Communication Sciences at the Australian Academy of

* Shell Company of Australia (former Data Strategy and Standards Manager)

* Insurance Australia Group (IAG) – Finalist for 2014 Enterprise Wide Data


The 2015 Data Quality Asia Pacific Award Winner

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